Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates you from larger video service companies?

I am a private videographer that only takes on a select number of video projects at a time.  I give each client 1 on 1 attention and structure their video to custom specifications. Unlike my competitors, I record only a small numbers of players at a time on a field.  This gives me the ability to apply extra camera zoom and apply a greater degree of focus on each player.

How does your video service work for a player who wants a highlight video created?

I would need advance notice of what game(s) the player would like recorded for a highlight video. I also like to have background information via email or a brief phone beforehand to discuss the player.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, but the discount will depend on the location of the sporting event and the number of participants in the group.

Do you have the ability to add clips and videos to a highlight video from an outside video source (e.x. Hudl & Krossover)

Yes, I have that ability. But to do this I would first need permission from the original owner of that video. Extracting videos from outside sources is no easy task, extra fees will apply for this.

How much experience do you have with video recording and video production?

I started creating videos in 2014. Today, I have created over 100 videos in sports ranging from lacrosse to extreme sports like windsurfing. Three of my videos have garnered international attention. I currently study Video Production at Drexel University.

Where do you offer your recording service?

I am located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Much of my work is done in Chester County, Bucks County, and Delaware County. I do however do tournaments and important events away from home. Ex: DE, MD, NJ, NY.

What is the average price you charge?

Price varies on the proximity of the sporting event’s location, the number of games, etc. Any pricing inquiries can be sent to my email and I’ll be happy to provide a quote for my services.

What happens if a player does not perform well during the time of video recording?

Unfortunately, I do not offer discounts in the event a player does not perform well. The only exception is when a player receives a significant decrease in playing time than what they would normally receive (*this applies to tournaments only).

Do you require payment up front for your services?

No, I do not. I am content with being compensated by cash or check after I have performed the service.  You may pre-pay if you wish.

What if my child's game gets canceled?

Please see Policy page for explanation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and Paypal are accepted. Venmo is not accepted.